Introducing … Finger Lakes Virtual Care!

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Virtual Care is now a reality at Finger Lakes Family Care! We are calling our new service Finger Lakes Virtual Care and are now offering telemedicine services to our patients as well as our colleagues and consulting physicians. Our exam rooms are now equipped with state of the art teleprescence software and high definition webcams to offer the a real visit feel whenever coming into the office is not possible. Or, if you are in the office seeing one of our clinicians, we have the capability of bringing a specialist into our office via our teleconferencing software. We have several offices including orthopedics and urology who are already eager to offer virtual specialty coverage with our practice!

A virtual care visit is currently not covered by insurance companies or by medicare as they do not recognize the efficiency and value of this type of visit. Therefore, the patient becomes responsible for the cost of this visit that ranges from $25 to $50 depending on the length and nature of the visit. We believe that empowering patients to decide how they will receive care, rather than the insurance company dictating how care will be rationed out is a much better model to treat patients.

Please ask our staff to set up a virtual care visit with Dr. Smith. You will need a computer with an internet connection and a webcam equipped with a microphone and speakers. Our staff may direct you to in order to assist you in preparing your computer for our virtual care services. Once your system is ready to go, simply drop into Dr. Smith’s Vidyo Room at the agreed upon time and your virtual care visit will begin.

Thank you for your interest in Virtual Care. We believe it is the next big thing in delivering healthcare in an affordable and accessible manner. It also promotes a better patient physician relationship because it leaves the insurance company and other third parties out of the relationship!

Robert L. Smith, MD, MS

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